The Best Things to Do in Tampa Florida

Most who visit Florida spend most of their time in the Orlando area. It’s understandable, but these visitors are missing out on the awesome things that Tampa Florida offers just an hour away! Here are three things you’ll definitely want to check out:

Visit Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Now, this park is pretty neglected by fans of the other parks in Orlando. This will actually work to your benefit as Busch Gardens is definitely a diamond in the rough. Sporting amazing coasters like Shiekra and Cobra’s Curse, there’s something for every thrill seeker out there.

The park’s Halloween and Christmas events are also probably the best in Florida, especially since the crowds are more sparse.

Head Over To Clearwater Beach

Every Florida “guide” out there will tell you that Daytona Beach and Cocoa Beach are the best beaches to visit in Central Florida. They’re good tourist beaches, for sure, but Clearwater beach is rarely mentioned on purpose. It is easily the best beach in Central Florida. The sand is pristine, the water is usually clearer (hence the name) and the other visitors are very respectful.

The only thing you really need to worry about? Accidentally stepping on a ray! As long as you shuffle your feet in the water though you should be fine.

Catch A Cheap Rays Game

There was a brief time in the mid-2000s where the Tampa Bay Rays really looked like they would vault to perennial contender status with the Yankees and Red Sox. The team, unfortunately, hasn’t panned out as planned and usually sits on the edge (or out) of playoff contention.

The good news is that this means the tickets are very cheap, even when a high caliber team comes to town!

Tampa Florida offers a lot more than these experiences, so do some more research and consider adding a stop on your next Florida visit!

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